About the Artist

Nicholas Coroneos was born in Frankfurt, Germany and came to the United States at an early age. With a talent for technical drawing and sculpting, he worked as a draftsman for an engineering firm, pursuing an education in art and art history on the side. In his late 20’s he decided to dedicate himself to art, working both 2-and 3-dimensionally. Within three years he had filled his central California studio with over 200 paintings, in the process discovering his unique style of textural impressionism.

Beckoned by a desire to push himself professionally and personally, Coroneos spent several years developing his artistic, carpentry, and design skills in the Midwest, subtropics, and Pacific Northwest. In August 2009, he moved to Santa Barbara where he reinvigorated his sculpting and began to specialize in bronze casting. Within two years, he produced a prolific and exciting body of work in bronze and stone.

Loss for words is a series that Coroneos started shortly after moving to Los Angeles in 2014. It addresses efforts to communicate in the digital real-time age we live in. Each piece is a form of figurative poetry, which can stand alone or represent a link in a chain.

Nicholas Coroneos has displayed his work in galleries and art venues including Sullivan Goss, Gallery 825 and the Beverly Hills Art Show, where he was awarded Best Display in 2016.